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After the Circle is an online magazine of urban culture. We follow the universe of Art, Design and Lifestyle proposing the last vanguard trends on the web.

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Welcome to After the Circle , a media project from the Amsterdam based design studio Masters of Awkward.
We use this channel to store our inspirations, showcase our monthly playlist and other random projects.
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M83 -Wait (End of the Trilogy)

- December 5th -


M83 released the video for ‘Wait’, and with it ended the saga that started in ‘Midnight City’ over one year ago. The trilogy that also includes ‘Reunion’ was a collaboration between M83 and Fluer & Manu. Each episode is a step of a ‘special’ group of kids. ‘Wait’ comes to close the story cycle in a more poetic and visual way then the previous episodes, making it my favorite.


Midnight City (Part 1/3)


Reunion (Part 2/3)



Wait (Part 3/3)