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After the Circle is an online magazine of urban culture. We follow the universe of Art, Design and Lifestyle proposing the last vanguard trends on the web.

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Welcome to After the Circle , a media project from the Amsterdam based design studio Masters of Awkward.
We use this channel to store our inspirations, showcase our monthly playlist and other random projects.
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High Touch: Tactile Design and Visual Explorations

- October 2nd -


With the evolution of digital technology to a level where artists can create pieces beyond perfection. Another group of artist is steeping back to the old values of craftsmanship and handmade designs, where the imperfections are part of there own magical uniqueness.


Gestalten’s book High Touch like its precursory volumes, Tactile and Tangible observes and documents this artists movement to a new era of arts and crafts and the creation of new visual language. This three-dimensional new visual language is not shaped by one style, but a combination of diverse styles, cultures, and eras.
Different techniques between crochet, papercraft, illustration, installations costumes and masks design are used to achieve the final product and look. Look that can be use in a enormous scope of applications, including advertising, brand presentations, photography, product design, stage design, and scenography, as well as related fields that either exist already or that their creators have yet to invent.


by Tessa Farmer from High Touch, Copyright Gestalten 2012


left by Sayaka Ganz, right by Anna-Wili Highfield from High Touch, Copyright Gestalten 2012


by Penique Productions from High Touch, Copyright Gestalten 2012