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After the Circle is an online magazine of urban culture. We follow the universe of Art, Design and Lifestyle proposing the last vanguard trends on the web.

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Welcome to After the Circle , a media project from the Amsterdam based design studio Masters of Awkward.
We use this channel to store our inspirations, showcase our monthly playlist and other random projects.
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DIESEL – Hipster GPS artist creates dog

- December 9th -




In the time that all of us are starting to get feed up with the social, online world, Diesel launched a anti-online campaign to promote there low-tech YUK shoe, conceived by SMFB the campaign is focused on the pre-Internet Experience.
“Hipster GPS artist creates dog” is one of the promotional videos, and I have to admit is absolutely genial, it depicts nowadays artist is such level of perfection and irony that is impossible to end it without a smile. This video seems like many videos posted in ATC before, but just with a great turnover.